[Хак] User Punishment [BOP5]

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  1. cupin06


    15 июн 2013

    User Punishment by BOP5
    "This is cruelest mod ever released since Miserable Users..."
    This is the VB 4.x version.
    VB 3.x version here.
    Version 1.2
    For too long we as admins have been limited on how we can take revenge on the users who drive us crazy. You know the ones- they don't break the rules per say but they certainly break the spirit of the rules.We don't want to ban them, Infractions don't really mean anything, So what could we do? We were stuck... until now.
    User Punishment by BirdOPrey5 is Here!
    This mod adds teeth to infraction points or can be used against specific users. Basically this mod will slow down a user's browsing experience by 1 or more seconds per request. A couple seconds here or there doesn't sound like a lot but think about it, if they make 30 clicks on your site per visit with a 2 second delay you've stolen a minute of their life. A minute they can never, ever get back.Like the torture machine from the movie "The Princess Bride" you have robbed from them the one thing no mortal man can ever recover. And like that torture machine you can turn it up as high as you like. [Insert evil grin smiley here.]
    This mod has two ways of working. If you use the built in infractions system in vBulletin you can enable the mod to slow down a user's page load request based on the number of infraction points they have. By default 1 second for each point however you can multiply this with a setting- slow them down by 2, 3, or even 4 or more seconds per infraction point.
    Now infractions actually mean something. As points expire their browsing speed will automatically return to normal.
    The second option allows you to target specific users. In this mode you enter three pieces of data: The User ID, the Minimum Delay in Seconds, and the Maximum Delay in Seconds. The mod will then RANDOMLY slow down every request from the user for a time between the two numbers, inclusive. This mode is best used silently. Targeted users will simply think your forum or their Internet connection is being slow. They probably won't even say anything- but YOU will know. You will know every time they post or browse you are sucking their life away second by second.