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  1. cupin06


    15 июн 2013

    vB Version: 4.x.x
    AJAX Forum Statistics:
    -Latest Posts
    -Latest Forum News
    -Most Viewed Threads
    -Hottest Threads
    -Most Popular Forums
    -Latest Classified Ads
    -Latest Blog Entries
    -Latest Group Posts
    -Newest Members
    -Top Posters
    -Top Thread Starters
    -Top Referrers
    -Top Reputations
    -Top Thanked
    -Top Infractions
    -Profile Visits
    -Latest Social Groups
    -Latest Donations
    You can turn on/off individual stats, count data from last x days for some of them if you wish, trim titles/usernames to save page space, make several other functionality/make-up customizations... See screenshots.
    You can have Main Stats box shown on several pages...
    It's shown by default on forumhome (to disable it set "Main Top Stats box on ForumHome" to "None")
    To activate another location:
    a) add THIS_SCRIPT name to "Stats on pages" field in product options
    b) add template name to "Stats in templates" field in product options
    c) add "{vb:raw vsatopstats}" to the template you added Stats to
    -To set options go to: vBulletin Options > VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics
    -"Top Thanked" requires Abe1's "Post Thanks" or Scandal's "Thumbs Up?" products to work
    -"Latest Donations" requires "VSa - PayPal Donate" hack to work
    -To move Top Stats box somewhere else on forumhome: 1.-Set placement setting to "None" 2.-Add "index" to "Stats on pages" setting 3.-Add "FORUMHOME" to "Stats in templates" setting 4.-Add "{vb:raw vsatopstats}" wherever you wish in FORUMHOME template.
    -If Top Stats box is messed up because of long usernames or thread/forum titles be noted that you can trim them in ACP options.
    -When forum/thread titles or usernames are trimmed, mouse-over will show you full version.
    -Import XML file (as product) through AdminCP: Plugin System > Manage Products > [Add/Import Product]
    v1.0 - Jun 12. 2006.
    -First release
    v6.6.1 - May 14. 2009.
    -Latest vB 3.x version
    v7.0 - Feb 14. 2010.
    -First vB4 release
    -Fixed some previous version bugs, optimized code
    v7.0.1 - Feb 16. 2010.
    -Fixed: Newpost/lastpost linking in 'Latest Posts'
    -Fixed: Errors with PHP 5.3
    -Fixed: AFS table messed up in footer
    -Fixed: Several style errors, including XHTML incompatibilities
    -New: Auto-insert on forumhome location - Below Forums
    v7.0.2 - Feb 22. 2010.
    -Fixed: Several style issues for unregistered users
    -Fixed: 'Latest Donations' issues
    -Fixed: Import error on some configs
    -Fixed: Minor bugs
    v7.0.3 - Apr 12. 2010.
    -Fixed security bug (user able to set number of results manually)
    v7.0.4 - Jan 14. 2012.
    -Fixed: Status icons must be GIFs
    -Fixed: Status icon overlay problems in Chrome and Safari
    -Fixed: Drop-down menu items invisible until highlighted
    -Fixed: Last unread post links not compatible with vBSEO
    -Fixed: Search Member's posts shows results as threads
    -Added: Rich thread prefix support
    -Improved: CSS compatibility
    -Minor bugs fixed
    v7.0.5 - Jan 15. 2012.
    -Links in Latest Posts are now fully SEO compatible
    -New option: Automatically disable auto-refresh if server load is higher than X
    v7.0.6 - Jan 17. 2012.
    -Fixed: Prefixes linked in some thread stats
    v7.0.7 - Jan 22. 2012.
    -New: Show Stats in selected forum only
    -Fixed: Some style issues
    -Improved: Product menu style
    -Improved: Menu disappears on click
    -Changed background color variable: 'editor_background' used for better compatibility with custom styles
    v7.0.8 - May 27. 2012.
    -Fixed: QL Enable Stats link in vB 4.2
    v7.0.9 - Jul 07. 2012.
    -Fixed: Hide on misc.php requests not related to Stats
    v7.1 - Avg 02. 2012.
    -New: Top Thanked now works with "Thumbs Up?" system by Scandal
    -Note: Above still works with "Post Thanks" system by Abe